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How it works

1. Authorize in the system

For authorization, we require from you only your Steam account nickname. No password is needed.

2. Play games

Play games or complete other surveys. You will get more than only fun from them.

3. Redeem your code

After completing the previous steps you will see the working steam wallet code. Copy it and redeem money in your Steam account.

Every gamer knows what Steam is. Developed by Valve to promote its products, in 21 years the service has become a huge platform, a social network with many features and capabilities. Buying licensed games is just one of these features. Discounts, installation of automatic updates, saving game data, activation of games purchased in the box version, purchase, sale and exchange of game items, a lot of communities, creation of personal pages or groups – all this is Steam. In short, Steam is a limitless possibility in the gaming world. But in this world, too, real money is quoted. And the means to top up your wallet without the cost of personal funds is Steam Gift Card Free.

How to redeem Steam cards

Redeem steam gift code

What are Steam digital gift cards? These are gift cards used to top up your wallet, which is used to buy games or game equipment. Each card has a 12-digit code – you enter it when you redeem the card. Steam gift money is valid in any country without restrictions, you can use it for yourself or give it as a gift to someone.

There are different denominations of cards, for example, a $5 Steam gift card or 25, 50, $100 Steam card code. Usually, they are bought, although there are other ways to get the codes, which will be described below.

Steam wallet codes are a simple way to top up your wallet, which means getting access to all the features of Steam, without any restrictions. Just like in the real world, here you can buy everything that is not provided for free. But unlike the real world, the Steam wallet code can be obtained for free.

The credited funds can be spent, first of all, to buy games. Yes, Steam has a lot of free games, but usually, the best ones are paid. Not necessarily expensive, you can find a decent product for $5, but even that money should be in your account.

Also, the wallet is used for in-game purchases. This can be an in-game currency, necessary items (inventory, weapons) – everything that can be bought in a particular game.

How to get free steam gift cards

As was mentioned above, you can get free Steam codes in different ways. It is possible to buy for real money, but many people prefer to get free Steam gift cards on a freeway.

In total, there are about 20 legal ways to get an online Steam card. Most often users work with services where they have to perform a certain action for a free steam wallet code:

  • Take the survey;
  • View a video;
  • Browse a web page;
  • Play a game;
  • Download an app.

One way is to work with our service. Yes, our service is not the only one, but we have more advantages. To get Steam gift card codes, it is enough to do a few simple actions:

  1. Go to the generator.
  2. Enter your Steam nickname.
  3. Pass one test.
  4. Re-login to your Steam account – here you will see your free Steam cards.

This method is better than the other methods described below (we took the five most popular). So, buying a Steam wallet code free for real money is costly. Taking surveys on numerous services is legitimate, free, but the profit will be small and you will spend a lot of time. Some services offer cashback, but what to do if you do not buy in online stores? With other services, you have to wait a long time for points, and it takes a lot of time to play the recommended games, and these games are not always interesting.

We took into account all the shortcomings of the services that provide free Steam cards. And created our generator, in which the process is as simple as possible but reliable.

Unlike other services, you are not limited in the ways you can get cards. Here you’ll find everything at once – you don’t need to register on several services to choose between taking a survey or browsing the site. With us, you’ll find any kind of assignment, but they’re all done quickly. And it doesn’t take long to earn points.

Working with our generator, you can get free Steam gift cards quickly, for free and without unnecessary actions. The list of actions for users is wide, and for each, you will get your code. The denomination of free Steam wallet codes will correspond to the action, but the tasks are uncomplicated and require a minimum time to complete – you can generate cards every day, without affecting the rest of your activities.

Therefore, if you need legal Steam card codes, it’s enough to go to the generator. Perform simple tasks and get codes – buying games with them will cease to be expensive.

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Do not hesitate to start earning real and free Steam wallet codes. The earlier you begin using this service the more you get and more games you buy! 

Why choose us?

There are three reasons to choose this service

A variety of tasks

We've gathered everything in one place to make it easier for you to choose which job to do. You don't need many accounts in different services. Get free Steam gift card codes the way you want.

5 years on the market

Thousands of users received free codes during this time

Reliable partners

We cooperate with the largest companies for surveys or game promotion. We choose the most reliable partners with an impeccable reputation, so our users have no doubt: the card will be received.

Several thousands of users have already seen that with our generator you can earn Steam gift card codes quickly and without much difficulty. It’s time to join them.

All legit ways to get free steam wallet codes

But to make sure that our generator is the best solution, it is worth considering the most popular ways to get codes for Steam.

▷ Steam

For real money or as a gift from a friend. The way is obvious, simple and popular. You buy a card with real money.

▷ Our service

You have already read about it above. Free, easy and fast.

▷ PointsPrizes

A site that pays visitors for participating in surveys and other tasks. But you have to wait a long time to accumulate points.

▷ Survey Junkie

Here you have to participate in surveys, although sometimes other tasks may come up. A user gets $5 for registering, but it takes a long time to accumulate a larger amount.

▷ Rakuten

A cashback site that works with more than 2,500 stores. Gives 10 dollars for registration, but it is also difficult to save up to buy games here.

How to avoid scam

There is another reason why it is worth cooperating with us. Many resources where you can get gift money on Steam collect user data, without any reward for doing so. Data can be shared with third parties, which is not safe.

Our platform does not collect any user data other than the username. We do not ask for a password or any other information (email, phone, etc.). And we do not recommend providing it to other resources. No free Steam wallet codes are worth it.

If you want to be sure your data is safe, that’s the reason to choose our resource. Join – it’s fast, easy, free to get your Steam Gift Card Free. And best of all, it’s safe.

Avoid scam


To add Steam codes to your account, simply enter the unique wallet code you have into the “Steam Wallet Code” field. If the code is valid, your Steam balance will increase by the funds you just added.

No, you can get Steam wallet codes in various denominations ranging from $5 to $100.

Yes, you can read about some of them here.

Usually, it takes about 1-5min.

Please, send us every step you went through so we can find the reason why didn’t you get your free Steam gift card.

[email protected]

We are trying to do everything we can to make sure you have a great experience and receive your gift card ASAP.